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Lecture Series Microscopy Techniques for Nanomaterials

Pr Matthew Trawick University of Richmond

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Matthew Trawick is an Associate Professors of Physics at the University of Richmond, USA. He held prior appointments as Lecturer at Princeton University, and in 2012 he spent a sabbatical year as a visiting researcher at University Paris Est, ESIEE Paris.

His main interests involve studying how self-assembled periodic patterns are formed and develop with time (using block copolymers as a model system), a question central to condensed matter physics and materials science. Another focus area involves using such patterns as templates for nanoscale lithography, which could help make the next generation of computer chips and storage devices. Finally, a recent area of interest is the formation of "black silicon," silicon in which the surface has acquired extreme nanoscale roughness from a plasma etching process, leading to extremely low optical reflectivity. Black silicon also has several potential applications, including possibly use in high efficienty solar panels.

A large part of Prof. Trawick's research program is dedicated to developing new microscopy techniques using different types of scanning microscopes (AFM, SEM). He has developed new techniques using computational methods to remove artifacts due to positional drift from AFM images. He has also developed algorithms and software for creating 3D models from SEM and FIB data.