Student entrepreneurship

3EF is an inter-establishment cluster coordinated by Paris-Est Sup COMUE, hand in hand with the École des Ponts ParisTech, EAV&t, EIVP, ENSG-Géomatique, Ensa PB, ESIEE Paris, ESTP Paris, UPEC and Université Gustave Eiffel.

It is one of the 29 applications approved in March 2014 and labelled "PEPITE", student cluster for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts.

3EF, reflecting an ambition for economic development in the eastern Paris region which includes student entrepreneurship, proposes various schemes to boost and tailor support for future entrepreneurs.

The PEPITE (student cluster for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship) 3EF schemes are designed for students of all levels and young graduates from Paris-Est, irrespective of their start-up project.

PEPITE 3EF objectives:

  • RAISE STUDENT AWARENESS of entrepreneurship - Develop entrepreneurial spirit
  • TRAIN as many students as possible in entrepreneurship during their studies
  • SUPPORT activity creation
  • ACCOMPANY students in a tailored way

3EF schemes:

  • The "Let's get creative!" (Tous créatifs !") sheme , through which 3EF intends to develop the entrepreneurial spirit by making students aware of the culture of entrepreneurship and to support the projects of the most enterprising by accompanying them towards making their projects real.
  • The Student-entrepreneur status which aims to facilitate business creation or business takeover for students during their studies through specific support and adapted study schedules.

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