Guest teacher-researchers and researchers

Guest teacher-researchers and researchers

Every year, Paris-Est Sup Community of universities and establishments (COMUE) invites internationally renowned teacher-researchers and researchers living abroad. The purpose is one of the two following actions or both:

  • action N°1: to contribute to and enrich joint research or training projects within a research unit, and to deliver at least one inaugural lecture; the stay must last at least one month and avoid periods of closure of the establishments;
  • action N°2: to provide a high-level course of at least 15 hours for Paris-Est Sup doctoral students, their supervisors and their scientific community on one of the two main UPE sites (Cité Descartes, Créteil/Maisons-Alfort); the stay must last at least two weeks and avoid school holidays;

  projects combining the two actions are eligible and will be favoured; in this case, the stay must last at least one month and avoid school holidays;

  the stay takes place during 2021 and cannot be split up.

The inaugural lecture and the course may be delivered in French or English.

The two member universities of Paris-Est Sup (Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) and Université Gustave Eiffel) also invite foreign teacher-researchers and researchers to support international scientific partnerships, as part of calls for applications launched by each of the universities at the end of 2020 or during the first semester 2021.

    UPE allocates between fifteen and twenty lump-sum allowances based on the following provisions:

    • the amount of the net allowance is €6,800 for action N°1, €3,400 for action N°2, €8,500 for projects combining both actions;
    • the invited personality will pay for their accommodation and travel expenses with the lump-sum allowance;
    • for a same stay, the allowance cannot be cumulated with an allowance from another UPE incentive action (Labex in particular) or from a UPE member.

    Personalities must meet the following criteria:

    • reside abroad;
    • have a reputation in their field (publications, H index, other indicators of scientific recognition, etc.);
    • (action n°1) develop relationships with the host research unit and bring it added value: scientific challenge, complementary skills,
    • provide new knowledge and new innovations, initiate sustainable collaboration, response to a European or international call for projects, etc.;
    • (action n°2) intervene in the key fields of a doctoral school or one transversal to two doctoral schools; be able to reach out to the doctoral student audience and their scientific community; the project will specify the dates planned precisely, the actual target audience and the content of the teaching provided (pedagogical aims, organization, content, pedagogical methods, actual duration, etc.;
    • bring original and significant added value to UPE, in line with at least one of the following aspects:
      • be part of one of UPE's two thematic clusters: health and society - town, environment and their engineering or on a subject transversal to both clusters;
      • fall within the fields of human and social sciences or mathematics and information and communications technology and science (STIC).

    The application, drawn up in French or English using the attached form, includes:

    1. the visit project, which presents the objectives and expected results, and how the above criteria are met; the name and references of the invited personality and the host scientist are mentioned (specify the affiliation and e-mail address of each);
    2. the invited personality's CV;
    3. the opinion of the Director of the research unit that will host the invited person.

    Applications for 2021 must be sent electronically to the doctoral school concerned before 9 November 2019 midnight

    The ranking of each doctoral school is transmitted to the Department of Doctoral Studies by 7 December 2019. On this basis, the allocation of grants is decided by the President of UPE on the proposal of the Doctoral Training Council meeting on 18 December 2019.

    Payment of lump-sum allowances

    Once the list of personalities selected has been published and the beneficiaries have received written notifications, the Department of Doctoral Studies sends a message to their scientific correspondents specifying the procedure for paying allowances.
    Six weeks prior to arrival, the guest should send a copy of their passport with/without visa and their bank details/IBAN to The application containing these documents is then sent to Campus-France, which pays the allowances by bank transfer or in cash upon confirmation of arrival in France.

    Preparing the stay: formalities and accommodation

    Université Paris-Est hosts acc&ss Paris-Est, a EURAXESS service centre dedicated to mobility researchers. As a member of the regional network coordinated by the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, this centre assists invited personalities in finding accommodation and in administrative procedures.

    • The International Residence for Visiting Researchers has furnished apartments with Internet connection. It is located in Cité Descartes, 10 minutes' walk from RER A - regional express rail network (Noisy-Champs station) and bus line n°100 (direction Créteil). Given the number of requests, it is advisable to make the request one to two months before the arrival date. Other accommodation solutions can be proposed based on the guest's expectations.
    • For personalities coming from outside the European Union, acc&ss Paris-Est can inform on the most suitable type of visa. The hosting agreement is required for obtaining the scientific visa; it must be prepared two to three months before arrival, taking into account the time required for processing by consular and prefecture services.

    During their stay, the invited personality and, where applicable, their family are invited to evenings, French workshops, cultural outings, based on acc&ss Paris-Est current news.

    Hosting terms and conditions