École Doctorale Mathématiques et STIC

Cours Professeur invité par UPE : Carsten Carstensen du 11 au 13 septembre 2018

Mini-course : Axioms of adaptivity

Cours Professeur invité par UPE, Carsten Carstensen (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany)

Brief description : The lecture series on the optimal rates of adaptive mesh-refining algorithms in computational PDEs provides an introduction to the mathematics of optimal rates based on the standard Dörfler marking in a collective refinement strategy. The focus is on the thorough insight into the mathematics for the simplest meaningful setting with elementary tools like the trace inequality, inverse estimate, plus several forms of triangle and Cauchy inequalities.

The course is mainly for PhD students, but all the others are welcome as well.

More detail of the 3 parts of the course are to be found HERE

Les 3 mini-cours de 6 heures auront lieu à l'INRIA Paris (A415)

  • Tuesday (September 11)
  • Wednesday (September 12)
  • Thursday (September 13)

Contact : patrik.daniel@inria.fr