École Doctorale Mathématiques et STIC

Cours scientifiques Professeur Youry Khmelevsky du 12 au 20 décembre 2011

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Lieu : Laboratoire LACL - UPEC - 61 av du Gal de Gaulle - Créteil du 12 au 20 décembre 2011


Catégorie : CS - Cours scientifiques et techniques

Domaine : Informatique

Nombre d'heures : 18

Ouvert à : Créteil MSTIC : Mathématiques et Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication - Paris Est

Programme :

Course Description: This course involves SW Engineering research and design, implementation and test of a software system, using a team approach (Agile Development and Rational Unified Processes), Software life cycle. Design and development tools (IBM SW Architect, Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, NetBeans, etc.). Features and use of module-oriented programming languages. Intermodule communication. Every student will have own part of an assignment(s) within the project.

Additionally this course will encourage to think about effective oral technical communication in English, and equip you with communication skills necessary to succeed in a professional technical academic/industry setting internationally or/and in European Union. We will provide you with opportunities to practice your skills and create mechanisms for feedback to help you strengthen them.

Note: M2 (MSc-level) IST students can register for the course as well. 

The course consists of a series of lectures, recitations and oral assignments additionally. The lectures present material that address various aspects of SW Engineering research, communication, while the recitations and assignments provide a venue for reinforcement and an opportunity for practice.

 In-class 5-10 minutes special topics or oral assignments and presentations in English in teams (3 oral assignments/presentations):

  • Concept Talk
  • Technical Talk
  • Proposal Talk

Additional material will be presented in class and special topics will be investigated through student presentations. The labs will introduce software engineering tools and software engineering development cycle.

Required Text (one textbook can be used for a team):

Extreme Software Engineering A Hands-On Approach. Daniel H. Steinberg, and Daniel W. Palmer, ISBN: 0-13-047381-2 Publisher: Prentice Hall Copyright: 2004

Additional Readings: (optional)

  • Objects-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java. Berned Bruegge, Allen Dutoit., ISBN 0-13-047110-0 Publisher: Prentice Hall Copyright: 2004
  • Mythical Man-Month, The: Essays on Software Engineering, Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., ISBN: 0-201-83595-9
  • Technical communication : a reader-centered approach / Paul V. Anderson, Kerry Surman.

Toronto, ON : Nelson, c2007.

Équipe pédagogique : Youry Khmelevsky, Ph.D. Computer Science, Okanagan College, and Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBC O).

Langue du cours : anglais.

Les cours proposés alternent lecture et laboratoire : le 12, 14, 16, 19 et 20 décembre 2011.