Grants for supporting cotutelle theses

Paris-Est Sup Community of universities and establishments (COMUE) proposes cotutelle support grants to its doctoral students who wish to register for a cotutelle thesis. These grants, of which there will be a maximum of fifteen in 2022, are intended to finance, in whole or in part, several stays of two months or more exclusively in one of the cotutelle host countries (in France or in the foreign country concerned).

This financing is intended to cover only the cost of the return journey between France and the host country and the doctoral student's accommodation there. It does not cover daily living expenses (food, daily transport) or those related to research activities, which are the responsibility of the units concerned (computer equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.).

Priority is given to doctoral students enrolled in the 1st year for a period of 2 or 3 years; doctoral students enrolled in the 2nd year for a period of 2 years are also eligible.

The maximum amount is set at €3,500 per calendar year and cannot exceed a total of €10,000 over 3 years. The grant cannot be combined with an international mobility grant from Paris-Est Sup or with a grant from another Paris-Est Sup incentive scheme (Labex in particular) or a grant from a Paris-Est Sup member, but can be supplemented by the home or host unit.

Reimbursement of expenses incurred will be made on presentation of proof of expenses per calendar year.

Practical details

Applications for cotutelle thesis support grants will include:

  • a copy of the cotutelle agreement or, failing this, a draft cotutelle agreement;
  • a web address where the host unit is described (if possible, otherwise any other presentation documents);
  • a scientific project of a maximum of one page, specifying the approximate dates of the stays covered by the grant and the scientific activity planned during these stays;
  • a financial project describing the expenses to be covered and the participation (partial or total) requested from Paris-Est Sup; in the case of co-financing, the source will be specified; the planned expenses will be detailed by year over the two or three consecutive years of the cotutelle.

Applications for 2022 must be sent electronically to the doctoral school concerned before 26 November 2021 midnight:

The ranking of each doctoral school is transmitted to the Department of Doctoral Studies by 26 November 2021. On this basis, the allocation of grants is decided by the President of Paris-Est Sup on the proposal of the Doctoral Training Council meeting on 17 December 2021.

Download the call for applications