How to apply and the admission process

The Head of the Establishment (President of the Université Paris Est COMUE or delegated Director of the Doctoral Studies Department) declares admission to the first year of PhD following a proposal made by doctoral school management, after receiving the opinion of the thesis supervisor and that of the host laboratory director.

Foreign candidate: you must hold a scientific residence permit from a third-party country or a residence permit. For more details, contact acc&ss Paris-Est.
Doctoral contract candidate: you should finalize your registration rapidly so as not to delay initiating your doctoral contract required for paying your salary.

Contact the laboratory director of your choice and send them:

  • a one-to-two page thesis project
  • detailed CV
  • copies of diplomas obtained

Consult the list of host teams

Pursuant to the regulations of the doctoral school to which you are attached, you may pre-register if you have received agreement from the thesis supervisor for registration or if you have received agreement from the thesis commission which reviewed your application.

  • Create your account on the ADUM education management website.
  • Complete all sections: last name, first name, marital status, personal details (please enter your personal email address which will be the primary means of contact during and after your thesis), programme, latest diplomas, etc.
  • Enter thesis financing planned over 3 years, research unit, thesis subject, thesis supervisor
  • Select the thesis year and the Academy - Créteil Academy, the establishment - Université Paris-Est and the doctoral school you are attached to.

Once you have finished pre-registering online, you must print:

  1. your registration form
  2. the GDPR form
  3. the STEP subject declaration - Notification of theses being prepared
  4. the doctoral charter
  5. the ethics charter

You must send or hand in your full application to the doctoral school BEFORE the closing date published on the school's website.

Your application must include:

  • the registration form filled in and signed by you, by the thesis supervisor and by the research unit director,
  • the GDPR form which you have signed,
  • the STEP subject declaration,
  • the doctoral charter signed by you, by the thesis supervisor and by the research unit director,
  • the ethics charter signed by you, by the thesis supervisor and by the research unit director,
  • supporting documentation requested by the doctoral school (see on ADUM and/or the DS website).

Once your application has been received, provided that it is complete and admissible, the doctoral school administrative management assistant will submit it to their management who will validate the pedagogical application before proposing registration to the Head of the establishment who will then validate this.

If the Head of the establishment validates your application, you and Université Paris-Est education department will be informed so that you may finalize your administrative registration.

You must make an appointment with the education department via the dedicated platform. Your student card and attendance certificate will be transmitted to you in person as soon as your administrative registration is finalized. If you register online, they will be sent to you by postal mail to the address you specified on ADUM.

You must then:

  1. pay the "Student and Campus Life" contribution (CVEC): 91 euros. This step is compulsory to be able to pay your registration fees.
  2. pay your 2019/2020 registration fees: 380 euros

Once your application has been registered and you have paid your registration fees, Université Paris-Est education department will edit your student card and registration confirmation.

Your registration is subject to the payment of the "Student and Campus Life" contribution (CVEC) and your registration fees. The doctoral school you are attached to will firmly validate your administrative registration via the ADUM education management software once it receives notification of your payment from the education department.