Experimental VAE-based Management Science PhD programme

Université Paris-Est, in partnership with the FNEGE - French Foundation for Management Education -, proposes a Management Science PhD based on Validation of Acquired Experience in an experimental framework.

Why propose such a scheme?

  • An examination of the employment prospects for Doctors of Management Science, both nationally and internationally, particularly in the context of university or business school professorships (2012 study on management higher education institutions and their teaching staff, Jacques Thévenot, FNEGE, p 36), suggests that they will exceed the number of doctors trained in this discipline.
  • In addition, the few doctors from other subject areas, who are now teacher-researchers in Management Science, have often enriched the variety of Management Science teaching content and have enabled the creation of innovative areas of research at the frontiers of our discipline.
  • To encourage access to a PhD and scientific fertility from the source subject areas, University Paris-Est, accompanied by the FNEGE, has therefore decided to set up an innovative scheme to promote making it possible to obtain a Management Science PhD through Validation of Acquired Experience.

Who is it intended for?

  • primarily for doctors from other subject areas with professional or research experience of more than 3 years in the field of management and administration,
  • for associate professors at secondary level who teach management, who are in higher education and who have substantial research experience,
  • for candidates with solid basic education (postgraduate, business or engineering school), high-level management experience or who have contributed to Management Science research.

The purpose of this programme is to enable candidates to obtain a Management Science PhD through the VAE procedure by benefiting from support training delivered by the FNEGE. The demand for quality in PhD research is an absolute priority in this programme.

Cost and financing possibilities

The cost of the full scheme includes payment for the VAE procedure, registration for the diploma concerned and, in the case of partial validation, payment for the training course.

  • €4,000 VAE-based PhD registration fees to University Paris-Est (including diploma registration fees),
  • €5,000 flat fee for the two-year training for all FNEGE seminars and for individual supervision (€2,500 per year).

These costs may be covered by:

  • Approved joint collection bodies (OPCA), such as the French regional Fongecif (individual training leave management funds) (which candidates depend on),
  • Candidate company training schemes,
  • Local authorities (the region) in some instances, in particular for job seekers.