Research-based PhD thesis

Université Paris-Est (UPE) proposes a method for preparing the PhD whenever the candidate has undertaken research work.Unlike the "Validation of Acquired Experience" procedure, it takes into account only work and studies undertaken by the candidate at the time of application and, a priori, requires no new research to be undertaken.

The UPE research-based PhD thesis procedure comprises three steps:
Step 1 - Application admissibility.
Step 2- Thesis drafting.
Step 3 - Thesis defence.

Step 1 is used to check that the candidate can prove professional activity in line with the level required for PhD training. The purpose of this step is to check the quality of the application to reduce the risk of being refused permission to defend the thesis. It does not require registration.

Steps 2 and 3 take place over a single university year and only require one registration. Registration fees stand at €1,500.