Professionalizing training courses

In the 1st year

  • Constructive negotiation techniques,
  • time management, thesis planning,
  • Network: building and managing your network,
  • Finding missions during the PhD.

2nd and 3rd year

  • Preparing your professional integration
    • Reviewing your activities and assessing your skills
    • Which professions, which roles for which businesses?
    • Working on your curriculum vitae and drafting a cover letter
    • Finding work through professional social networks
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship in France
  • Awareness seminar on creating innovating businesses
  • Doctoral course in management
  • Doctoriales®

En dernière année

  • CVs
  • Cover letters
  • Job interview
  • Nouveau Chapitre de la Thèse (NCT)® (New Thesis Chapter)