The Île-de-France Region launched the 2019 edition of the call for candidates for the "Blaise Pascal" Chairs of International Excellence.

The aim of these Chairs is to welcome world-renowned foreign or expatriate researchers in Île-de-France by offering them, with the help of the host organisations, the means to carry out an ambitious project with a visible impact and benefits for research and society.

Each chair will enable a leading scientist to be hosted for twelve months on a full-time basis, possibly spread over two years, at one or more higher education or research institutions in Ile-de-France.


The call is open to top-level foreign researchers with no nationality requirements, and to candidates of French nationality working abroad. Applications are prepared jointly by the candidates and the host institutions and must be pre-selected by the Île-de-France Communities of Universities and Institutions (COMUE).

Each Comue or host establishment outside a Comue can put forward a maximum of five candidates, or seven if at least two candidates are women.

The 2019 call for candidates for the Blaise Pascal Chairs is open to all disciplines and topics, including human and social sciences.

How to submit an application

Candidates are selected on the basis of an application, to be submitted by the Chairholder's host institution on the regional aid platform:

The deadline for submitting applications is set for 1 May 2019 at 10 am. The project proposal must be submitted by the deadline in the format requested and must be complete.

Only complete applications that comply with these admissibility criteria will be presented to the jury.

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